Sunday, January 2, 2011

To my Helen LeAnn

Anyone who knows me, knows that my life as a Mom is all I ever wanted and on January 3, 1980 that dream was fulfilled with the birth of our first child, Helen LeAnn. As every mother says, I never thought it was possible to love a little person so much. With Helen's birth, not only was I given this beautiful baby girl but also a little person who would grow with me and who loved me unconditionally.
Today, as my beautiful baby hits the big 3-1, I can't help but become choked up as I think about the young woman she has become.  The joy and pride that I feel when I think about our life as mother and daughter, is overwhelming. That said....I want to wish my little dream a Happy Birthday.
Helen, no matter where you are. No matter the distance or the time, my love is always with you. I pray that 2011 will bring you an abundance of happiness, love and joy and that today, this special day, is filled with love and laughter.
Happy Birthday Sweetie. I love you to infinity and beyond.

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Mary said...

How sweet! Happy (late) birthday to Helen!